Published February 7, 2011 by crystalights

i was hanging the laundry (yes we don’t use dryers) and look what i found on my backyard

it’s a friggin’ huge grasshopper (!)

i was afraid that it would come springing on me unexpectedly so i just got one shot and hurried back inside.

i don’t like things that spring up to me unexpectedly

you know

things that you didn’t really anticipate or know about and then suddenly bam! they’re there right at your face.


so you can say i’m in my hiding mode now

i don’t feel like saying more than i’ve said.

i don’t feel like explaining because it’s not part of my plan. my expected way of how things happen.

i don’t control destiny, and i don’t wanna be the one to explain this one.


maybe it’s okay to be unreachable. for a little while.

i guess this time it’s a lockdown.



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