Published February 11, 2011 by crystalights

dear c.L.h,

aku tak tau aper nk buat skrg.

aku dh booking tempat, tak tahu la dpt ke tak.

dh submit nama utk pick-up, tak tahu la dpt ke tak.

tgok2 rented units, tak tahu la boleh dpt ke tak.


ye la, last minit cmni tibe2 dpt tau the people i’m supposed to be staying with cannot let me stay with them.

what a major letdown.

kalau tak boleh, nape tak ckp awal2.

dh la ckp last minit camni, pas tu nk biar org tggu a couple more days until dier contact another family member plak just to ask.

i mean, dh berbulan yg lepas kau dh tahu dh the situation that i’m in.

aku dh bgtau since last year. no, since the period of time i received the offer.

if you can’t deliver as what you’ve spoken of before, then at least when you give the final blow you should make it clear where or who i can go to.

ni tak. you let me believe that it is already taken care of, let me believe that everything’s fine, then suddenly you let me crash down.

dh la last minit. pas tu kau baru la nak pergi tanye utk tahu the outcome dari pihak lain, then sruh aku tggu lg b’brape hari.

padahal aku nk pergi nxt week.

i think an imbecile would know that i’m running out of time.


bagi harapan sedap2, pas tu kecewa kan sampai tahap terumbang-ambing lunyai punyer hancur.

pas tu senang je, sruh org tunggu.

mcm la aku boleh hrp aper2 lagi.


aku rase teraniaye giler

smpai emo2 aku semalam satu hari. smpai mak tanya kalau aku nak ikut pergi supermarket pun aku tak nak ikut, padahal aku suke je pergi supermarket.


sbb aku rase takde mood sgt, rase mcm nak bakar something or hit someone or inflict great emotional or physical damage to people, aku rase bengang sakit hati disappointed mcm org giler


now i don’t know what will happen, where will i stay?

will i get there properly and meet the right people at the right place?



this sucks.



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