the voice inside

Published February 12, 2011 by crystalights

dear c.L.h,

yesterday was my little sister’s birthday.

and uh, mubarak resigned.

yeah i know. it’s still a surprise to me (because i thought that he’ll go rambo and trudge on until september, military style).

i’m just glad that the people of egypt got what they wanted and they can now finally move on from this epic uprising onto greater and better endeavours in the near future.

but seriously. i saw the news and there were fireworks and massive crowd cheers. it’s like an independence day celebration of some sort.

i’m not sure about the next ruler but i am certain that the people of egypt will decide that on their own, in god’s will.

they’re smart. strong. and resilient. they’ll figure it out.


all that in 18 days,

what a revolution.


i wonder if the people in egypt have repeated fuel price hikes, increased government service taxes, and an unrevised+inadequate salary/reimbursement rate.


isn’t it great if the people of our country can decide what we want (or don’t want) from a ruler?

at least we won’t feel like we’re at the bottom of the food chain all the time.

the baby planktons to the great blue whale.



i wondered if this could get me in trouble (like that cartoonist dude with his comics)

but i guess nobody can really stop the words coming out of your head.

that little voice inside.

like how i recall V says, “people die, but ideologies live forever”.


so i think i’m a little okay now.

i think it’s always a little difficult when you take the first few steps to leave your comfort zone

but i must remember what i’m searching for

so that i can understand my purpose and what it takes.

a week from now, maybe life wouldn’t be easy for me

but i can’t always run away


sambung blajar bukan perkara yg mudah bagi aku (lebih2 lagi di tempat asing); sbb aku tak pasti dgn apa yg akan tiba pada hari2 esok dan seterusnya.

sbb hati aku masih di sini


aku tak boleh slalu sembunyi dan lari

inilah kenyataan

how can i make a difference to the world if i don’t move forward,

if i don’t become better?

i have to make a difference.

i have to live for the purpose of which i am created.

i’m not sure if i am capable, but i have to try.



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