Protected: dear nana (21.2.2011)

Published February 21, 2011 by crystalights

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2 comments on “Protected: dear nana (21.2.2011)

  • alah..tak kesa laa die straightforward ke ape ko pon be ko punye self..
    tak yah pedulikan die..endure je die tuh..kalaw die too much then she’s just too much..if she’s ok then she’s okay..wutever takyah pikir pasal die..lyfe ko lagi penting..don’t get distracted, hold on still,cope as much as you can, and hang in don’t get to be vulnerable right now..because u only have urself now..

    • our sgporean mom texted me and said that “jgn soft hearted ngn sporean” “sporean mmg harsh n direct. maybe dier ingat ko naive” 0_o?
      i think aku bukannye look naive, i just look terrified.
      that’s probably it.

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