Protected: dear nana (22.2.2011)

Published February 22, 2011 by crystalights

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2 comments on “Protected: dear nana (22.2.2011)

  • yeah, you got a bad sense of direction..but it happens..tak bole ke ko just hafal landmarks and’s not that difficult u know..nnti lame2 ko get used to that takes tyme..aku da agak roomie ko normal..not everyone is a freak laa..just because u met a lot of them doesn’t mean they’re everywhere..nnti ko jumpe jugak normal people kat university yg ko bole relate too and ask about stuff..ko jgn lupe make sure ko tau ape yang ko blaja, amek subject outline die..that’s the point ko dtg situh..tnye budak kelas ko..

  • mcmane nk dpt complete subject outline, nak settlekan enrollment pun tak siap2 lg. ntah bile la baru enrollment aku siap.
    bdk class aku bukan sume sit with me in all the subjects.
    kdg2 jumpe kdg2 tak. ikut jenis subject yg dorg ambik.
    it’s different.
    i’m not really with the same people most of the time.

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