Protected: sorry, wrong move.

Published February 26, 2011 by crystalights

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4 comments on “Protected: sorry, wrong move.

  • weyh aku still tak boleh nk access post ko..ko s ure ke password tu betol..aku try bnyak kali tak dapat..skang tenet isit buat hall..i’ve been very busy these days..eton got into an accident and classmates , people terrorizing me..not to mention ur father too.. but he did give me money a few days ago which was shocking so i guess it’s alrite then..don’t cry in the bus u freak!! shout at him back ..anyway any country can differentiate a harsh tone or a normal one…till then i need the correct password..God !! u’re so twisted

    • password tu salah.. aku terlupe nak check aku tak perasan that wp cut off the last word.
      i sent the real password to your email already.
      your father told me to stay in the specialized stream. dier ckp kalau nk blajar senang baik balik malaysia ambik ekonomi je.
      (like your roomate).
      so kesimpulannye he wants me to struggle and take this stream.
      he thinks it’s fine as long as he feels like it’s something worthy.

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