dear nana (5.3.2011).

Published March 5, 2011 by crystalights

dear nana,

i sat for an economy class the other day

and i felt like i don’t like economy very much.

(it feels a little mind-boggling for a science-background person like me).


i think i have to at least take 1 economy subject (or something like that).


i’m waiting for my economy subject approval and confirmation.

if it’s not approved i may have to attend some other class during winter (horror).

doa2 la subject tu dpt approval.

aku rase mcm tak larat nak tukar subject lg, especially bile dsbbkan hal2 mcm timetable clash or whatever (and deal with the mental-emotional instability).

dah la aku worried about what i missed everytime i want to enroll in a new subject, pas tu aku tak boleh nk concentrate fully on other subject sbb aku tak tahu yg other subject tu btul2 prmanent utk aku atau just smentare je bfore aku tpakse tukar subject lg.

dh la kdg2 bile2 je ayah call aku to demand an explanation.

pas tu dier siap hntar email lg mintak aku send to him my subject list.

mcm my employer pulak.


tapi sriously.

by the end of the week at this point aku betul2 rase a bit mcm dah physically, emotionally and mentally drained.

mcm dah habis semua aku laburkan utk aku move forward with studies and study arrangements.

nk start on my 1st assgnment pun rase mcm tak larat.


aku move in the house and attend uni on the same day, then orientation and enrollment for the 1st week, pas tu subject change and classes on this week. in between tu uruskan accounts, cari location for several lectures and tutorials and also ikut my hsemate pergi a few places utk stock brg.

aku takde pun have one good long moment utk betul2 sit down and digest the fact that i’m not at home in my own home in my homeland.

i am in denial.

sometimes i don’t really tell myself that i am here.

it’s like i don’t want to believe that it’s true.




P/S: okay aku betol2 nak tido beriye ni sbb skrg aku tak boleh nak fikir psl assignment2 yg dh start bertindih2. (padahal baru 1st week classes start).


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