maybe it’s a trap

Published March 18, 2011 by crystalights

maybe i don’t understand relationships

i’m sorry for sounding so indifferent

but there are so many things i wanna do

so many things i want to be able to do

so that i can do more for myself and the people in this world

what is it like to have nothing you want to do at all?

if i want to think about my feelings

then what would i ever get done?

i want to work towards a common need

i want everyone to be better, and to achieve that i want to start doing something other than for myself

whatever there is between people and relationships, can it help towards that goal of common needs?

can it help save the world?

can it help people live better lives?

if i only think about what i feel

how can i make this world a better place to live in?

for example,

why do i study?

why can’t i just take whatever i have and live with it?

why do people choose to go through tough things when there are other ways to go with things?

this isn’t the only way

but it’s the only way that i think is possible for someone as lowly capable as me

i don’t have enough inside me to do great things without studying


it’s not just a walk in the park

and i guess it’s just my own share of obstacles, just like what everyone else has.

maybe i’m not the only one in this world that something like this is happening to.

there are other people out there who have their own troubles, some of them even greater than mine.

i should be grateful and thankful that i am still able to live day by day like this.


and i guess that’s why i don’t respond very well to matter of feelings.

i have nothing much i can say in regards to it.



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