dear nana (19.3.2011)

Published March 19, 2011 by crystalights

dear nana,

are you still there?

even if you’re not there, i feel like i will still keep on writing. it doesn’t matter if you don’t say anything back, it doesn’t matter if i don’t know what’s happening on your part of the world, i will get there someday, insyaAllah.

isn’t loyalty, faith and perseverance among those qualities that help people (like you) live?

so i want to do that too. i want to have a little bit of that.


even when i let people treat me like a child sometimes, i know i’m not one.

i am a grown-up adult.

i have things i have to be accountable for. 

things i have to fulfil. 

it’s not like i still have people holding my hands when i cross the road.

i just have people touching my back to tell me to move out of the way now.



i have class tomorrow. on a sunday. frm 9 to 5.


there are people i don’t really have much guts to speak to, you know.

not because i’m afraid, but because i’m trying to reduce risks.

it’s a long story.

and i might be wrong.

but i don’t know if i should care anymore.

i’ll just let things pass and i’ll just pass by.


whatever that means.


have to go.

tomorrow, another few-thousand-words assignment will come.




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