life. as people may know it.

Published March 23, 2011 by crystalights

after getting feedback on the kind of perspective that i have to produce a critique on, i specified the area of my topic along with the possible research questions and submitted it to one of the tutors (just to see if the response indicate that i can work on it).

i waited for like 48 hours and then i get a “hone the focus of your questions and avoid broad concepts”.


i’m not sure if i should “hone the focus” some more for a 5000 word paper because if the scope is too small how will it sum up to be 5000 words? it has to be based on existing literature which are scholarly reviewed AND relevant to the subject’s scope AND be very small and specific.

oh well. another challenge but whatever.

i’ll just have to work tht out somehow.


if i wasn’t continuing my studies, i wonder what i would be doing.

what would i have done?

but still

there’s so much more to learn, so many things to find out.


so i guess the answers would depend on the kind of questions asked.


i still have other assgnmnts to work on

but i managed to find time to go and meet some people (friends and acquaintances of my housemates) and there was a talk yesterday about “blessings in disguise”

sometimes you only know how “blessed” you are a long time after it’s over.

so there’s probably a blessing in disguise somewhere there, even when you may not know of it now.


i can’t wait to start writing for this difficult subject (i’m anxious and a little bit nervous+excited).

i wanna know what i can come up with.




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