why not makan

Published March 23, 2011 by crystalights


i think if you like something it doesn’t matter how often you want to eat it (as long as it’s something you’re allowed to eat and it doesn’t affect your health or economic conditions in any way).

i mean,

if it’s something that you like then it really is your choice if you want to eat it every month, or every week, or every friggin’ day.

i don’t think it’s weird. or sick. or friggin’ kesian.

biarla org nk mkn slalu, klw dh itu yg org suke mkn. kalau kau tak suke, tak pyh la mkn. tak perlu la setiap kali tgok org mkn the same thing you want to buat gaye2 “kesian” kan org tu. it’s annoying tau tak.

memangla dpt pahale bile bersimpati/berbelas kasihan kat org sesama Islam, tapi tak pyh la nak buat gaye mcm laa org tu takde benda lain yg dier boleh dan mampu makan sampai kau nak berbahase mcm dier ni takde keupayaan untuk memilih makanan.

serious annoying giler!

some people just like to eat the same thing. some people just don’t want to spend too much time in creating multiple varieties of gourmet food and all that jazz because their time is limited, they rather read more books than cook more food, okay. deal with it.

just because they don’t cook like some big shot cullinary chef it doesn’t mean that they are very “disadvantaged” people.

they just like to prioritize their student load more than their personal whims.

maybe they’re thinking “cukupla aku makan to survive, tak special pun takpe”.

if other people believe in the opposite, then it’s up to them.

tak payah la nak talk in a degrading manner about other people’s food life choices.



dah aku malas nak pikir.

baik makan dlm bilik je.

buat serabot je masuk dapur.



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