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Published March 31, 2011 by crystalights

kalau tak silap baru 1 or 2 kali je aku pergi city

time ni dh ptg, i was actually on my way back from the other campus (mase tu i was kinda lost on d way to that campus pas tu mcm kene sound skit ngan tram driver tu). bile smpai sini i was figuring out how to go back to my place (from the city).

 this is by the path to the mall; kat tgh2 city yg ader mall pun they still preserve the waterways. ader kapal2 kecik (ke bot?) lalu kat sini.


i’m kinda busy with classes and assignments/project,

pas tu postgrad studies agak challenging compared to my previous undergrad years

ceh. ala undergrad years kat msia pun challenging jugak.

just the feeling is different.

camane nk describe eh?


i always tell myself to not think that i am here

sometimes i make belief that i’m just somewhere temporary and that i’ll be home soon,

denial much?


my professor told me to write something about kL and put it in the assignment (he said he’s been there before and it “was” nice. now it’s so polluted and congested and dot dot dot..)

so i told him “that is pretty much the case in all developing countries”

and he was like “..well, yes.”

but he seems like he wanted to know what happened.

i don’t know la,

aku bukannye org kL pun, just prnah tinggal sekitar kL mase undergrad studies tapi aku rase

it’s a city thing.

it’s just that some cities can clean up their mess better than the rest, and some cities make lesser mess than the rest.


in our country

maybe they just like to build things more than to sustain them.

build, build, build,

tallest, highest, largest, longest

and then what next?

what about shortest, smallest, tiniest, littlest?

what’s wrong with that.

all the resource and land that goes into something that is occupied by how many percent of the population, anyway?

firstly, does the amount of capital fit the outcome?

secondly, does the outcome justify the capital?

thirdly, is public access and equity achieved?

and maybe perhaps finally, can they sustain the population increase of that one city? or,

can one multi-developing city justify all the underdeveloped ones?



i feel so tired. exhausted maybe belom lg, tapi tired tu ader la.

kdg2 bile berckp dgn org kat sini tak perasan perkataan melayu tu terkluar (tak sengaja), pas tu aku try ganti2 perkataan

something like:

“for this, kan?” tukar jadi → “for this, right?”


kat sini kalau kiter ckp “thank you” usually dier tak ckp “you’re welcomed” (dgn gaye2 sopan ala2 u.k).

biasenyer dier akn ckp “no worries” ataupun “that’s allright” ataupun “good day” ataupun “cheers” (dgn gaye2 ceria ala2 aussie).

pelik kan.

budaye dier sgt.. happy?

hidup dorg kurang stress.

pas tu rakyat dier dpt byk benefit, funding, and subsidies.

they get money to go study and their study fees and transportations for students are cheaper.

(sayangnye, it is not the case for international students like me)


actually a lot of things happened within the past few days

things that i don’t quite know how to describe

i don’t know when i’ll put it into writing

and i don’t even know if there’s something wrong with me

but maybe i will write it down later

when i feel it’s okay.


okay la

nak tido

(wonder what tomorrow will bring)



2 comments on “city thing

    • hey..miss korang so much!

      huhu bndar dorg nmpak agak clean la, tapi tang “suci” tu tak brape nak confirm sgt, haha (kat sini byk bar dan club2 dan yg sewaktu dgnnye, huhu).

      safwa, nad tgh buat assgnmnt, ader lg 2 ribu stgh lg perkataan nk kene tulis (argh serabot).

      huh. fighting!

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