dear nana (3.4.2011)

Published April 3, 2011 by crystalights

dear nana,

yesterday i went to my first usrah.

yes, finally ader org offer utk join usrah, i feel so content. since quite a while ago aku ader jgk mcm berkata2 dlm hati: “kan bagus kalau ader usrah”. pas tu a few days ago ader org ajak join this small group.


the first one (yesterday) was discussing Sayyid Qutb‘s Fi Zilal al-Quran.

i think i felt something there that I didn’t quite feel before. maybe a sense of gratefulness for knowing he existed once and the things that he stood for.

tibe2 terasa mcm sgt kecilnya diri kalau nak dibandingkan dgn org2 yg spend a large time of his life untuk sesuatu yg selain dari diri dia sendiri.

for the amount of difficulties that i am facing, someone else might be facing bigger difficulties and for a bigger cause than the ones that i’m struggling for.

aku rase mcm

education isn’t the goal of a process,

it is the process of a goal

and that goal isn’t success in the near future,

it is success in the hereafter.


i feel that we should correct our purpose,

when we educate ourselves

is it for fame, fortune, financial security and a fantasized future,

or for the purpose of which we are created?

we are created by our creator for us to fulfil our duties as the created

and that duty includes that process towards that goal.


aku rasa bersyukur sangat

sbb dpt belajar.

walaupun aku tak selalu strong enough and it isn’t always easy, but still i have all the reasons in the world to be thankful.




P/S: the links are just to give a general idea of him and his work BUT do NOT take in wiki’s info as the absolute precise truth about him and his works. (it is always better to read the original, with some guidance).


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