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Published April 4, 2011 by crystalights

the thing about me is that i try my best to divide the time i use for each subject

so after a long time of hard work if i get something done for one subject i will only want to go over it again when the time comes for me to go over it again, for example during groupwork discussions

i do keep track of the communication channels and i do have the copy of the others’ work and mine, but we each have our own tasks and so the aim is just to finish our own tasks and then when we meet we’ll discuss

it’s like that.

so why can’t we just follow that?

if you re-edit or re-add your work for 10 times and for each of those times you nak disperse it to everyone then what is even the point?

i want to know the end product so i can understand how to fit mine into yours

i don’t want to follow the entire history of you writing it.

aku bukan local student,

subject aku ader 4 x 12.5 point. bukannyer 2 x 12.5 point mcm local students, boleh spend berjam2 for one teeny weeny detail.

sorry if i sound very negative tapi hakikatnyer i have to prioritize.

kalau org kata bagi sikit powerpoint slides suddenly kau bagi word doc yg berkajang2 yg isinya diluar permintaan then camane tu? what if org lain ingatkn “oh m’mng kene buat cam tu” pas tu mule la the cascade effect.

aku pun ader word doc aku yg aku dh start tulis since before our first meeting lagi. sehingga ke hari ni aku masih lagi menulis to add to what i already have in there. does it mean that i have to disperse it all over the group every single time padahal aku tahu aku akan tulis lagi dan tambah lagi before we gather the final piece? berapa byk masa & energy aku nak bazirkan? kalau masa & energy org lain terbazir mcmane? kan lg senang kalau dh siap betul2 at the end baru aku bagi, along with everybody else jadi maybe boleh arrange and edit same2 at the end.

at the end.

cube la keje ikut system sikit.

aku penat la kalau everytime aku nak focus buat keje lain suddenly something like this came up pas tu i have to check if you’re going off tangent or i’m going off-tangent or if we both are going on the right track.

people like you always make me second-guess myself. i don’t like it.

mule2 aku dh settle dan dh rase yakin dgn ape yg aku buat then suddenly bile kau bg something yg mcm completely different aku pulak jadi tertanya2 dan mempersoalkan diri sendiri.

because that is what i do. i have to check myself and my work so that i feel like i’m in control of whatever i produce or come up with. so that i feel like i did something at least even remotely enough in the process of completing the whole thing.

so there.

sambil aku tulis blog entry ni dan tunggu people in the group respond, aku dh pun edit slide and word doc aku supaye tak la rase mcm kekurangan sgt in comparison with what you’ve put out.

my work seems to come out faster bile aku bengang.

thanks a lot la, eh.

tapi pas ni kalau ader pulak yg lain yg kluarkn lg aku pun tak tahu aku boleh ke nak do the same thing again.

i have another assignment which refuses to write itself. so hopefully i can try and do that now that this is sort of out of the way.

*face palms*


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