dear nana (6.4.2011)

Published April 6, 2011 by crystalights

dear nana,

i’m kinda nervous about next week’s trip.

i can skip it if i want to but i have to go because it’s part of my core subject’s lesson hours, if i don’t go it’ll be like missing out on lessons (you won’t be penalized but you kinda end up on the losing end).


i am so tired but i can’t shut down. i’m waiting for my groupwork session in a few minutes time.

so i’m sitting here in the conservatorium of music (because i’m too tired to figure out where i should go).

there’s piano sounds coming out of the room(s).

it’s much calmer here than in the library (people talk and eat and fall in love there. feels so messy).

so i thought i’ll just sit inside


in front of this portrait.

it’s a kinda calming place.

i guess i kinda need that right now.


okay then.

time’s up.

i have to go.

i’ll write again later or whenever




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