Published April 8, 2011 by crystalights

i don’t even understand my tears.

yesterday was my low point

totally lost control.

don’t know what’s gotten into me


aku bukan org mcm tu

hilang kawalan dlm khalayak itu

aku bukan menanggung derita besar

bukan memikul tanggungjawab seberat nabi

why must i shed tears when i think i’m okay

why must i feel like this

aku tak layak pun nak sedih

sbb aku tak berkorban apa2 yg besar pun utk umat manusia.

mungkin ini airmata kebersalahan aku

my heart is telling me that i’m doing it wrong

i must have done something wrong for my heart to react like this

inilah airmata yg berkepentingan diri.


maybe i’m just a little lost

i keep telling myself that i’m not crazy;

even when i don’t understand what i feel


what is wrong with me (?)


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