holding on.

Published April 9, 2011 by crystalights

next week’s trip is 3 days 2 nights. we have to share sleeping places and they’re having saturday night at a pub. (so i have to figure something out to deal with that soon).

if i don’t go, i’ll be missing out on all the lessons during that 3 days.

so i kinda have to go. (but i have to figure out how to not be at that saturday dinner. smlm kakak usrah aku explain sbg org Islam, bukan minum alcohol je yg haram, being involved with that kind of things pun tak boleh, takut mengundang fitnah).


i don’t feel quite right at the moment.

feels a bit like things are falling apart.

maybe there’s something wrong with me.


i think i spent  the past 3 days running away.

need to sort out this mess

can’t be with too much people at the moment.


i have 24 hours postgrad access to this room though.

i think i can sleep here if i want to.

but i’ve got class tomorrow, wouldn’t wanna look like crap for tomorrow’s presentation now, would i?



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