before the song ends

Published April 11, 2011 by crystalights

i’m writing for my first major social science postgrad essay paper; while listening to the same song that i listened to when i was writing for my last graduate final year research paper.

it feels like the hands of time decided to do a double take on me ♦

it’s toki wo tomete: “stop time”

“..the promises we wrote on the sand

disappeared immediately by the crashing waves”


i feel that

after some time,

things eventually disappear.

they are just not meant to last.

nothing is.


by the time i go back

what wouldn’t have disappeared?


aku tak boleh nak fikir ke situ pun lagi

i’ll just continue on something more tangible: like my essay-writing.

(sometimes running away is easier. but it doesn’t really make it less painful)


2 comments on “before the song ends

  • i’ve been spending my time in library…it’s the final exam..
    so i’ve been reading..what with this whole twisted, entangle life of yours.

    maybe you shuold get yourself away from it..
    stop thinking..
    stop terrorizing your feelings

  • running away from that thought all the time doesn’t make it disappear
    being away for a chunk of time may end with some form of disappearance.

    disappearing is easy
    when you’re not the audience but merely the actor of a part
    but your part may have ended too soon
    and then disappearing becomes less easy too.

    so either way,

    aren’t we all losers of this game?

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