tak faham

Published April 12, 2011 by crystalights

there are things that only your heart can feel and only god can fathom.

memang tuhan je yg tahu dan faham

aper yg ader dlm hati aku

kdg2 aku pun tak faham isi hati aku


aku tak faham byk benda


tak faham kenape. mcmane. untuk aper.

tapi aku faham bahawa ke-tak-faham-an aku bukan alasan untuk aku tinggalkan tanggungjawab aku.


we’re just gonna have to deal with it

like it doesn’t feel a thing.


(sorry. i’m so sorry).
(i’m sorry for everything. i’m sorry everyone. but i really can’t).

2 comments on “tak faham

  • i haven’t call home for months..
    i don’t know what’s going on over there..
    since you left, barely talk to anyone in the family, let’s not even go to the part where i’m not coming home for another two months..
    mak seems a bit happy, and hazim too..

    i don’t wish to come to mak long’s house when they’re there..
    hmm but i did went there last month.
    i guess things are getting e little bit weird between me n them when u’re gone..
    because i don’t talk much with my parents and i have problem in expressing myself to them..i’m not u..u’re just such an attention whore in the family..

    i don’t know, i guess it work both ways..
    i kindda miss home..
    can’t believe i’m admitting it..
    life just getting harder and harder here, some things stays the same, alot change..don’t want to talk about it..

    anyway what’s up with yours..
    anymore twisted tales..

    i guess we’re the twisted sisters in our world, not meredith grey’s or cristina’s world but this world..

    hey i’m going to be 22 next year..
    life really is freaking me out right now, wonder what’s gonna happen later..

    • mak happy sbb julung2 kalinyer ayah bought her the Quran that she wants (it’s quite a sum). she says something like this: ayah ckp duit tu akan dibelanjekan jugak kalau tak ke Quran tu pun.

      i don’t know la, i thought we were going to buy for her(!)
      [mane pergi plan belated birthday present dier ni, kater nak share beli same2]
      ni tibe2 pulak your dad yg belikan, ape kes ni?

      i think you would be happier if you talk to kakak marini because it’s fun and funny,
      and it’s not breaking your head (and heart) because she probably wouldn’t even attempt to understand you OR figure you out OR pacify you OR give a damn about your life other than when you’re coming back to drive so that she can buy pizza and cake.
      AND you can always say something that she can’t understand and then she’ll be like “whatever la nana~”

      you’re “freaking out”, do you even know what freaking out means?
      i screamed like a banshee today in front of a whole bunch of people and even that freaks me out.

      i’m a freak.
      maybe we’re freaks (?) or a family of freaks (?)

      our family isn’t entirely normal.
      our relationship isn’t very normal.
      our life isn’t truly normal.
      it wasn’t meant to be. normal.

      it just means that we’re human in some way or another.

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