yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full

Published April 26, 2011 by crystalights

Yes she is going to have her own family. Well, not just X, there are more to come after this.

yes i understand.

yes aku boleh terima kenyataan.

yes i’m not in denial or disillusioned or out of touch with the normal life stages of a human being.

yes i know what you know too – i just feel a bit sad. because by the time i come back bukan stakat this friend won’t be there, bahkan mungkin seluruh hidup yg prnah aku tahu would disappear or change.

yes you don’t understand what i feel. i get it. i’m just someone who somehow ended up in a foreign land trying to do something right with her life on her own and away from the very people that she’s been with generally her entire 2 decades and a quarter period of life including the last 4 years before leaving.

yes you are so right.

yes i wasn’t trying to pour my heart out on that email. i was just communicating but maybe the “can’t believe this is happening” was a mistake. just one line. and now this.

yes i’ll just move on like you did. so that you know that people can move on and still have feelings too.


(maybe it’s my fault that my heart is transparent even in the last line of an email)



2 comments on “yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full

  • hye nad… sihat?
    hrp2 nad ok kt sane.. akak rase akak paham ape nad tulis…
    xpela nad.. skrg nad dh 1 langkah ke hadapan… jgn pndg blkg n pk hal lame..
    setelkan apa yg ada skrg n terus brhadapan dgn yg akan dtg..

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