dear nana (29.4.2011) South West Field Trip Part 3 & holiday events.

Published April 29, 2011 by crystalights

dear nana,

it’s about time for my trip story update (yay!)

so frm what i remember,

we went to the beach in Yambuk near a windfarm

which is a farm where the wind generates electricity through windmills

if you look closely, there’re windmills on top of the hill.


can you see it? here’s another one

the windmills are another concern to the people. it’s clean energy but they’re worried that it’s affecting the rare birds. (yup, it’s one of those biodiversity thing, again).

and then we went to tower hill

well there’s no tower, and it’s not really a hill

but you can view it from this higher location like a hill

well, there’s a long history about this place, but i think to sum it up is that it has lost a lot throughout the years (biodiversity, water capacity, heritage of some primitive civilization).


the next day we went to the warrnambool botanical gardens

it’s in australia but the design is highly english influenced

the long ones are the poplar trees

this is the money tree. it’s named that way because of the amount of money spent on prolonging the life of this ancient tree.

this one (on the right) is the australian native gum tree. koalas eat that (not the gum, but the leaves). but as usual, there’s no koala here (it’s a garden, not a zoo).

the one on the furthest right is an old gum tree with no leaves so they used it to generate a new tree (like having a baby gum tree from the mother tree).


before going back we went to the “12 apostles”

which are actually several stacks of stone standing in the sea

those 12 apostles are actually not 12 anymore..some of them broke and fell into the ocean

along this cliff are flocks of people moving through right until the end (it’s a tourist attraction). i’m not sure if the tourists really came all the way to see some standing stones or if they came because of the tourist attraction thingy. (maybe it doesn’t matter when they’re busy taking pictures anyway).

i can tell you the story of why the stones are the way they are, but i guess you don’t need that kind of information, huh.


we went to some other places like the warrnambool gallery and the ralph illidge sanctuary but you can’t take pictures in a gallery (although i kinda did) and i didn’t take any in the sanctuary (some major events occured in the forest).



what did i do so far for the holidays?

well, apart from assignments and mails, i went to the museum about a couple of days ago

it’s the grainger museum. guess who is grainger? that head on the right, yeah, that’s what he looks like about a year or so before he died. that plaster head was actually casted directly from his face by his doctor (creepy, huh?).

this is the piano he played before (he’s a composer/musician/artiste). it’s not a normal piano, there’s another sound that it produces (maybe it’s like a new-age music thing).

behind the piano is the black pyjamas belonging to his mother.

on the wall is written his wish for his bones to be removed from the flesh and be placed in this museum! so creepy. but the museum refused (ye la, sape yg sanggup nak simpan tulang kat sini?)


and then we went to the park.

and that night i went with another friend to the city



(pergi federation square).



ngn jln2 tepi yarra river.

the lights make that long structure look like a blue tower (i don’t think it’s originally blue. but it almost looks like a blue eiffel in australia).


it’s not too crowded. just a bit quiet.

overall i think australia’s quite big on designs and aesthetical values.

they seemed to like the light plays and reflexive structures and long asymmetrical lines.



i’ll stop now

(wanna go and sleep. ari ni ader hal sikit so nak tido dulu).

maybe until the next post then



P/S: it’s the royal wedding today~


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