Published May 4, 2011 by crystalights


i forgot to take today’s handout pulak.

aper bezanyer aku ngn budak yg tak dtg kelas?

dah la tak dpt A. bcause i can’t write good enough.

pas tu aku ader a lot to do. tapi rase mcm tak boleh nak start.

pas tu aku rase mcm my world is falling apart. but everyone’s okay.

pas tu everyone expects everyone else to be okay.

pas tu people do things as if they can fix me.

pas tu aku takde space nak run and hide.


no one can fix me.

no one should.

i’ve been like this for so long, does it even matter?

it’s a competition, everyone nak suceed.

sape kisah pasal org yg nangis2 sndiri smbil review essay kat celah computer lab?

this is the real world.

and i am flawed.

“you do realize that you have to grow up, right?”

tu la antara ayat2 biase aku dengar.

what the hell does that mean anyway?

does growing up means that you have nothing to feel?

semue grown ups are heartless ke?

bukan ke skrg aku tgh grow?

habis tu aper?

semua grown ups takde huge faltering moments mcm aku ke?

semua grown ups are the epitome of perfection ke?

so kalau org tu deviate from that concept maknenyer dier tak grow up lg ke?

jst because i’m like this

doesn’t mean that this is all i’ll ever be.


kalau tak tahu ape2  psl aku then don’t say anything.

tak kisah la kau sape.

do you really think you know me beyond my name?

i’m probably just a face that you come across in a short episode of your life serie


takpe la

i’ll probably figure things out myself

a lot of people can say a lot of things

but no one really knows what it’s like to be so far away from where you’ve been and yet you still haven’t quite arrived there where you’re supposed to be.



2 comments on “pieces

  • ok wutever..i’m an adult and i’m fine..not a freak..

    u don’t have to listen to them.. i mean not entirely..

    ok so anyway.aku da start class for short semestar..aku been taking subjects like kesihatan mental and my lecturer seems to be describing alot about OCD.

    rite now at home
    because of the car..

    things seems quiet the same around here..bebudak ni dapat psp sorng satu..
    n then ade this huge quran at home..

    hazim still pkai kasot terbalek and pakai kasot dulu bru amek beg..pastuh hakim annoyed..

    he smirks and get entertained by his own homewoork..every little thing is hilarious..

    kakak marini brought this new phone which cause her to eat evrything from home..

    and here i am right now in our room with hazim sitting on the chair writting karangan berita..it’s been an hour but he comes up with only two paragraph or something..

    skang nih tenga nanges sebab mak piat telinge die.

    aku planning on going to the beach this weekend with the kids..aku ade this short 3 days leave and i have to get back to class..ayah membebel kat aku about the car..

    so today aku vacuum the car, cook something fetch the kids and tolong mak with the laundry..it’s been so long since i went home..

    u can view their pics in my blog..nanti aku letak kowt..

    weyh serious mak long try nk contact ko through email because she wanted a winter jacket from australia..

    and she told me that and ayah about a couple of days ago..

    u are in deep shit..aku cm buat bodoh je mase die gitau aku..i mean who is she kidding..

    anyway ko buat2 je mcm ko tak dapat email die..pelik aku why would you need a winter jacket in a hot country..


  • give me a break, winter jacket aku pun tak beli2 lg kat sni.. pehal plak aku nk kne cari 1 for her. ayah tak rse this is overboard ke? kenaper bapak kau even bother to layan this person anyway?
    bengang betul la.
    dah tak ckup lagi ke nak screw up kan life aku
    dah la mase departure pun still entertain dier
    is my life some kind of show?

    aku bingit.

    aku kene pull myself and my life back together
    bfore thinking about anyone’s winter jacket

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