Published May 9, 2011 by crystalights

mum called telling me she’s been calling me today for a couple of times but couldn’t get through.

of course she couldn’t, i was in my assignment spot. it’s like an underground vault with no phone coverage. no mobile calls or texts can get through.

i don’t think it was designed to be that way, it’s just that the room is underground. you bring your card, tap the glass doors outside, walk down the stairs then tap the wooden door inside.


i go there when i want to do my work and be alone.

but lately, someone’s been showing up quite frequently in there.

i don’t know what to think. maybe i’m just overthinking it.

maybe he’s just being friendly, no biggie.

but i don’t want him to talk to me.

i don’t want to talk. or be stared at.

i just want to sit there and do my work and read and think.


dh lame aku tak jumpe lelaki yg jage pandangannyer.

jenis yg bile pandang perempuan skadar wktu terpandang je. bukan m’mang sngaje nk pandang.

ye la aku tahu aku pun ader gak prnah t’pandang2 ni.

tapi dh t’pandang skali tu, msuk kali ke-2 aku dh rse mcm bersalah sbb pandang. (tu la. sape sruh pandang. curious la konon).

but sriously.

bcause i don’t want to talk. i kinda pretended that i didn’t notice he was there.

bile dier tegur aku buat2 la mcm tak sgke dier ader kat situ. (penipu giler).

dh msuk hari ke-3 mcmane nak pretend lg.

so buat2 la sibuk. takde mase nk b’bual.

pas tu dier dtg kt table aku, tanyer psl waktu solat.

aku jwb ntah ape2 time ntah dgn muke aku b’kerut2 smbil angkat kening and pndang tmpat lain (nsib baik aku tak ckp: check je la sendiri jdual solat kat internet tu ha. kan ader pc kat meja msing2. aper susah).

then dier ckp dier nk gi solat.

but when i exited the room to go somewhere else for a while, i kinda saw him looking at me.

and dh few times bile aku b’kmas2 nk balik he always asks me about how things are going with my work (he waits for me to put my words together and speak up my response). as if he cares. as if.

and prviously we were taking the same subject but his presentation and mine were in different theatre slots but he suddenly showed up during the slot of my group’s presentation even though he doesn’t belong in that class slot.

and during my first day of attending that subject we saw each other in the tram and i was eating my brownie then i lost track of which stop i was at and i asked someone else in the tram which stop it was but he suddenly stepped up to me and answered and escorted me from the tram all the way right to the lecture hall for that class (padahal aku tahu je jln nk gi kelas tu, aku dh check dh. aku cume confuse which stop i was on).

is it just me or is that creepy?


maybe takde ape2 kot.

aku je yg freak out.

but i don’t wanna talk and be nice.

i have a lot i have to do already, and i’ve been busy.

i think this blog is where i’ve spoken the most in the past few days (apart from that little event i went to yesterday and today’s phonecall frm mom).

so aku malas la nak entertain anyone right now

(lagipun lelaki ngn perempuan bukan mcm perempuan ngn perempuan or lelaki ngn lelaki kan. there is a line between them).



i’ll jst get back with life then.

(haha. ntah2 aku yg prasan. hahahaha2)


what am i crazy

who would want to pandang me


tibe2 rase geli pulak ckp psl bnda ni

*giggles hazim-style*


4 comments on “geli-geli

  • i mean it’s not like u to be talking about this kind of things. it’s me and wanie’s thing. hahahahahahaahahah

    I’ve been here all the time la nad. it’s u who I haven’t seen much online.

  • i guess
    you + wanie = giggling schoolgirls.
    it’s nice to have something to giggle about, huh
    (didn’t really notice you’re there. sneaky much?)

    and is it jst me or am i smelling nasi minyak somewhere over there soon?

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