let’s wait.

Published May 21, 2011 by crystalights

aku kene figure out mcmane nak siapkan 5000 words yg aku bru dpt tahu tu.

and at the same time another 3000 words assgnment yg aku kne calculate and analyze.

and finalize the other 3000 words utk dihantar lg b’brape hri lg.

and also study for the upcoming major exam.


so it’s normal for me to balik tgh mlm.

see people go out on a friday night.


hari ni ktorg gathered tgther outside for the last usrah bfore exam starts.

we sat at the park.

skrg group usrah aku dh makin ramai, so i get to meet people from other uni as well.

it was nice, they’re quite fun people.


now i just have to learn to not take things too hard

even if my workload is this much

i have to not think of it as nothing but mere loads

i have to feel like this is something i have to do in order to learn and understand before i utilize what i know some day

so that i can make myself useful to the rest of the population

and even if people get to go home on holidays

i have to feel like one day the time will come when i can go too, it’s just that maybe i have to wait a little longer

even if now i don’t get what i want

it’s allright if i still get what i want but not now.


because i want so many things, so i have to wait a bit more.


so let’s just wait.

and struggle.

and fight the battle.



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