deadline dead end

Published May 27, 2011 by crystalights

lebih kurang 50 words lg nak cukup 5000

(but i haven’t finished my arguments lagi. rase mcm belom habis argue semua).

come on nad, pull yourself together

tolong jgn t’lebih. you still have another assgnmnt to be done.


2 comments on “deadline dead end

  • aku dh pun reply there (tadi).

    (kau tak nak link kan blog kau kat profile ni ke bile kau post comment kat sini? kan snang bleh aku click trus).

    aku ader assgnmnt lg
    and akan ader exam soon, insyaAllah

    nanti give me your alamat dlm email.

    and my friends ckp pnyimbah asid tu tak betol so bawak plain water dlm btol bile go anywhere kalau kene simbah terus jirus ngn plain water to lessen the scar formation on skin.

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