ku berlari

Published May 27, 2011 by crystalights

usaha tangga kejayaan,

takdir itu pintunya.


(will try to wait until the next full moon and speak of the catalogued stories in my mind, hopefully).

[to huda, i’ll write a response to that. (which was actually a response to this, i think)].


i guess like my little sister keeps saying: “life is not that straightforward”

i’m trying not to falter under the intensity of everything.


tapi kini keadaan hidupku telah jauh berbeda

tak ada lagi hati yg aku tunggu ‘tuk selesai berdandan

aku telusuri jejak-jejak malam yang bertabur bintang

semakin berat hatimu untuk aku lupakan


tak pernah aku menyangka

sejauh ini aku melangkah

tak pernah aku menyangka

sedalam ini aku terluka


jika hidup terus berputar

biarlah berputar

akan ada harapan

sekali lagi

seperti dulu



for now, what i can do is just run ahead and stop looking back.


so i think i kinda understand why izzie cut the LVAD wire.

or why burke concealed his hand tremors.

or why christina doesn’t want a white-gowned wedding.


because at the pinnacle of that thin line

there’s just little to less sense of control

you’re aware but you just lost it


you come undone underneath it all



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