Published June 7, 2011 by crystalights


dear sir,


i know that what i asked you was the basics of environmental economics

i am completely aware that it was the assumptions underlying the first theorem of welfare economics.

i know what i know and what i may not know.

i was just asking because i wanted to be certain that what was written was intended to be written and not a misrepresentation (on your part) or a misconception (on my part).

i was just trying to be completely sure.

i understand your concerns (they are, at some point mine too);

but insyaAllah it is okay because i understand now the point that you’re trying to deliver

that it isn’t that we can’t make everyone better off, or make no one worse off in a market

it’s just that we don’t do that because there are compensations.


so okay

i understand

and thank you.


although it bothers me when i think about what you might think with that kind of question

it’s just that this is my first time learning something like this

and i wanted myself to understand that

i can keep trying harder

regardless of what it may seem to the people around me

regardless of my lack of experience in the field of this subject

regardless of the high volume academic english that is utilized

i want myself to know that i can try harder.


so thank you

especially for that

but i want to

go back to trying



i hope you don’t think that i’m hopeless

i hope that i am not without hope.





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