Published June 8, 2011 by crystalights

so the only other person around who’s relatively around enough has already finished her papers


i have 2 days left before my first paper starts


honestly, i’m still studying

i’m not sure if i’m ready for this


and the gap between the 1st and second paper is quite near.


i don’t know if i can do this

i saw the past questions and it’s kinda unnerving.

it’s not like my graduate exams paper

its wayy different, i might have to bring a dictionary for the exam (thank god that’s allowed)

but still

i don’t know how helpful a dictionary can be anyway


tibe2 rase cam sedih pulak.

smlm gi library pas tu aku rase cam org tu tak helpful sgt sbb aku tak dpt dictionary yg aku nak

and then aku spend time lame gile utk cari dictionary tu

bile aku tanye dier cam ckp the kind that i borrow is between me and my lecturer and dier ckp kat library tu ader byk kat rak tu padahal aku dh cari tak jumpe

pas tu aku gi lagi skali kat rak pas tu aku jst try n pick up whatever dictionary yg ada wlwpun aku tak b’kenan

pas tu aku rase cam sedih sgt

aku pun tak tau pesal menitik2 airmata

padahal psl dictionary je kan

twisted giler ke aku ni?


tibe2 terfikir


layak ke aku minta apa yg nabi musa minta bila dia minta nabi harun

sdgkan aku bukannya pikul apa yg nabi musa pikul


kenape aku sedih

boleh tak aku tak rasa aper2 utk kali ni-



nak smbung study


walaupun aku tak tau aku boleh jawab ke paper hari jumaat ni

and aku sbnrnye risau psl tempat sbb aku tak pnah pergi pun tempat tu (tapi aku busy skrg, bile mase aku nak go and check where it is?)


i don’t know a lot of things


i just have to try harder


maybe one day everything will make sense.





3 comments on “twisted.

  • weyh nabi musa mintak nbi syuaib laa..bukan harun..harun is another story..die dijumpakan dgn nabi syuaib..nabi syuaib yg tolong die..

    well, its in the blood..we’re the intense type..
    we’re get really intense when it comes to something that we want so much and work hard for..or even everything..people won’t get that tapi da memang cmtuh..

    weyh aku feel horrible gile..aku rosakkan betri kerete..and ayah kene pay for the new ones..

    die bengang..ntah ar..penat dgn everything.

  • dia m’mang mintak nabi harun, mase dier pergi bermunajat dia tinggalkn bani israel di bwh penjagaan nabi harun.
    nabi syuaib tu bapa mertua dia, dia dpt berlindung dgn family nabi syuaib dan menikah dgn anak nabi syuaib (kalau tak silap).

    aku rase cam tak tahan la

    aku tak sanggup nak put up with what people do

    sbb aku dpt rase yg ni sume bukan kebetulan

    it matters if i have an exam to sit for tomorrow and i can’t find a reason to feel fine

    i’m tired of being upset

    and i think dier tahu, tapi dier biarkan je things be like this

    tapi aku tak larat

    nak digest sume ni

    i don’t wanna create a conflict

    tapi skrg mcmane

    aku tak dpt aper2 pun, just some cold air and not even much of a glance

    kdg2 aku rase mcm takde tempat ke kat dlm dunia ni utk aku?

    risau psl what’s gonna happen tomorrow

    what will happen to me between now and the distant future

    how will i ever be able to get past this

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