the line.

Published June 21, 2011 by crystalights

esok insyaAllah nak continue join actvty “bedah buku”

(so now tak sure nk bwk/msk aper utk tmorow).


i’m trying to move forward calmly

tak nak fikir psl people sgt

i feel sick


aku tak berminat nak deal with people punyer mood yg turun naik

aku tak nak.

kalau aku susah2 pun does it change anything?

takkan everytime aku asyik kene consider people’s feelings je wlwpun aku punyer feelings yg ranap.


you do whatever you want

i’ll do whatever i want.

if push comes to shove, we’ll carry our own flags, we’ll navigate our own ship.


bukan nak putus ukhwah, cume at some point i think i have to draw the line

i have to show that i have things that i have to live for too.

i have my own mission.

i don’t have to carry anyone else’.


aku tak pyh ckp aper2,

aku buat je aper yg aku rase patut.

kalau org lain rase tak patut tu tpulangla

aku dh malas nk pikir.




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