sweet treat.

Published June 22, 2011 by crystalights

so ysterday i finished that little job (i’m not evn sure how much i’ll be paid, yg penting siapkn je dulu, psl paymnt tu tawakal je la).


i think,

growing up means not letting your problems affect the way you deal with people and life itself in general.


berusaha supaye mslh kiter tak affect org lain.

itula growing up


and also

growing up means finding ways to learn

to seek knowledge and understanding.

to try and put in effort for the things that you should fulfill.





i baked a cake.

it was my very 1st cake-baking experience.

and i’m about to be 24.

i don’t even know how to drive yet.





takde pewarne pun, it’s yellow because of the eggs.


mule2 rase mcm tak confident, lgpun bahan2 pun agak terhad. i didn’t go out to buy baking stuff.

so jst gune je aper yg ader dlm stock simpananku.

nsib baik dpt cari recipe yg simple2 kt intrnet (here).



so now ader jgk somethng to bring to tonight’s activity “bedah buku”, insyaAllah.




aku rase

dh start dh perangai OCD aku ni

aku rase mcm dpt sense something is wrong

tapi aku buat2 cam tak tahu

or pretend to be unaware


aku dh decide tak nk campur tgn dh.

mgkin takde makne pun klau aku buat ape2

kalau org dh tutup pintu, kiter cube mcmane pun belum tentu pintu tu akn terbuka




bukan aku nk bermusuhan


aku rase hidup aku pun dh ckup byk perkara yg belom slesai

jadi baik aku focus on what i can do so that i can be in a better position to fulfil my mission


aku tak nak fikir lg psl hal2 yg boleh merencatkn smgat aku to fight for wht i believe in.


so there,

it may hurt a little, but in the course of a lifetime, does it matter?


(i thought so)



One comment on “sweet treat.

  • weyh aku da kat umah ni
    weyh burok gile kek ko..
    hazim ckap die misses his sisters..

    wutever..his still a boy..

    nothing change much though.

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