to think along.

Published June 28, 2011 by crystalights




skrg dh dpt balasan email.


and then bile dibalas pulak oleh pihak university kpd my student loan sponsor,

aku dpt 1 cc.


rupe2nyer, university aku dh bgtau dh pihak stdnt loan sponsor aku tu psl hal ni awal2 lg bfore surat tuntutan dari university tu smpai pd aku.

mksudnyer, ptutnyer pihak student loan sponsor aku tu ptutnyer dh tahu dulu la wht the hell is happening evn bfore aku tahu wht the hell is happening.


so bukn ke patutnyer, org yg tahu dulu tu bersedia dulu?

to find out and slesaikan dulu.

to take action dulu.

bukan smpai org dh complain dh buat mcm2 baru la nk reply that you will solve things out.


so far the university’s response has been very efficient.

through one email, the names of the people responsible for decisions relating to the sponsored students under the university was revealed.

including the name of the person who released the statement that started this whole fiasco.


and also,

16 org yg dpt statement tu t’msuk aku la.

so means ader lg 15 org kan?

so it so happens that i met some of them last night through an event.


and from their reactions, i realized something about myself and my reactions.


i realized that what makes my differences evn more clear 

was the fact that no one that i met that night who received statements similar to mine reacted the way i did.


there was 1 who thought that she just has to pay up the amount, she didn’t evn realize that she wasn’t given that amount to pay in the 1st place.

another 1 thought that it was just another mistake like the one that happened previously, that it was a mistake caused by the university, even though what happened previously (to her) was actually something different than this one, because, not having your name on the OHC list is not the same with the uni telling you that your sponsor already paid the OHC amount directly to you when they actually haven’t.

there was 1 who received statements, felt something was wrong, but didn’t do anything about it.

when i asked, all 3 of them haven’t even called or did anything yet in response to whatever that has happened.


aku sorang je ke yg mcm ni?


aku tak gile kan?


kenape eh?


dlm byk hal sbnrnye ade msenyer aku rase aku b’sendiri

bukan sbb org tinggalkan aku,

tapi sbb aku tak rase ader s’sape yg melengkapi fikiran dan reaksi aku

yg complement my thoughts and reactions.


kirenyer, bile aku berfikir psl something atau react to something

aku slalu rase mcm takde org yg fikir atau react dgn cara yg  melengkapi dan memenuhi apa2 yg aku tak fikir atau react with, apa2 kekurangan aku, atau apa2 keterlebihan aku.

kirenyer, kalau aku fikir A, B, and D,

aku slalu rase mcm takde org yg fikir C utk aku.

aku dh biase hidup kene cari jawapan sendiri.

A, B, C, D.

aku, aku, aku, aku.


mcmane la aku tak end up like this

i’ve always felt like no one can complete my thoughts.

i’ve always felt like what i want is someone who can think with me, as well as think for me.

(and i feel like i would think for them too).


so there.


after i got those emails

i think i’ll just have to let people who are paid to do their job to actually do their job.


and that is all.





2 comments on “to think along.

  • weyh,weyh,weyh..

    i knew it all along..aku tau ade org lain yg kene macam ko cume dorng tak react macam ko..

    this is normal la has always been that way isn’t it?

    isn’t it normal for people to not react like all the tyme in aku punye life people mmg tak react like you because you people are different people and maybe bende yg lepas makes you develop that cognitive outcome..

    ujian dpd Allah tu ade hikmahnye..sebab ko cautious now that you know yg u’re not supposed to pay anything..

    aku pon musti just buat bodo pikir universiti making a big mistake because u’re the one that is twisted and freak all along ko get to know laa..

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