coretan hati (part 2)

Published July 12, 2011 by crystalights


“tak pergi skali takpe la”




i don’t think it’s okay to miss something like that without a reason


it’s important to me.

kalau boleh i want to attend.

kn best kalau activity yg korang nk sit together tu bukan esok, tpi thursday or friday instead.

skrg aku plak rse cam tersepit.

last2 mnit skrg bru gtau..aku nk buat camane.



kdg2 aku rase aku yg berburuk sangke

tapi kdg2 aku rase mcm you are trying to gradually shift away

almost as if i am threatening you


bile aku giggle2 and ckp random things to people i’m close or not close with,

i’m not trying to prove anything or attempt to cement my way into the circle or smthng


kenape reaction mcm tu eh?


aku tk faham.


kenape bile aku ada, reaction kau mcm lain?


aku bukan buta tak berpancaindera

i can sense these things.. something’s not right.


salah aku ke?




the thing is that

i don’t like asking more than what people can give.


and i personally don’t like giving more than what people ask for.


kenape kau tanye pendapat org tapi bukan pendapat aku?


kenape eh?


aku sriously tak faham.


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