going on.

Published July 20, 2011 by crystalights

so ysterday i went for an unplanned sleepover.

best tido rmh dorg sbb ader dorg.

we watched “tangled” (rapunzel). ngn a little bit of “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”.

dua2 best.

best tido rmh dorg sbb bleh jmaah and then prgi activity same2.

best spend time ngn dorg sbb dorg unintentionally indirectly makes me wanna grow up a little faster

makes me wanna be better

to be more than what i am through their youthful eyes.

ni hdiah birthday aku.

dorg and a few others same2 bgi hdiah for my 24th birthday.

aku cm ckp: “nk dkt 20 tahun kot aku tk dpt anak patung”.

pas tu dier giggle2.

tpi aku tahu dier nmpk je cam 2.

they are all like that,

nmpk je mcm very young and free

but in reality they think very deeply.

kdg2 wlwpn nmpk cam happy and tingly,

but there are times when suddenly they say things yg m’nmpakkan the true facets of their thoughts.

mcm psl studies. psl people. or psl life.

i’m not saying they’re flawless or faultless,

i’m jst saying that there are a lot of sides to one soul.

smtimes wht u see on the srface tk same mcm aper yg ader kt dlm.



tuhan pertemukan aku dgn org2 Islam dibumi asing ni.


and last but not least,

mum’s package arrived ysterday!

i was very tkjut bt i was in a hurry so i picked it up and went on my way dan bukak parcel tu dlm tram smbil dipandang2 oleh auntie yg dduk kt seat dpn aku.


my birthday prsnt(s)

okay see

skrg dh bleh taruk new pics dlm blog post

sbb dh bleh snap pictures ^_~


hndphn dr msia (wlwpn bukn brnd msia).

tgok logo pos msia pn dh rse cam sayu.

mcm jauh sgt nk smpai.


mk hntr surat skali, satu hlai je tpi ckp psl things that has been bought and will be bought.. (itu la gaye2 seorg mk mcm mk aku tu).


tu la 1st time aku dpt kad birthday dri bdk kcik yg tulis namer dier 3 kali tpi bgi ucapan lbih kurg 3-4 patah je.

lagu kad nk nyaring ek.

dh la tulisn kerinting kecik2 wrne hjau pulak tu.


i showed it to my friends and they think it’s sweet or something



hopefully evrythng goes smoothly can hardly blieve it’s the last week of the hlidays ader byk bnda yg msih dlm proses lg mudah2an semuanya lancar, insyaAllah

(aku dh bli ubat sndiri dh pas ni aku rse aku kne truskn hdup mcm tu, bile sakit pn jgn dpend on people so that i cn feel btter, jst ikhtiar sndiri dn srahkn pd tuhan)

anyway esok nk tulis srt t’akhir kot sblm b’akhirnya cuti ni

i also have anothr actvty to attend tmrow, insyaAllah



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