Published July 25, 2011 by crystalights


aku dh malas nk try.

aku penat.

i can’t bring myself to actually be more.


murahnya harga airmata aku hari ni.

aku pn tak nak rasa ni dtg

tapi ni la hidup

bila jadi org yg diketepikan.


i don’t have anyone who’d cry for me


so i cry my own tears.


kan senang.


no one needs to know.


tdi prgi klas pn rse cam nk breakdown

i can hardly believe that i actually sat through all of it.


so i spent lunchtime crying.

and fnished up the aftrnoon class

and got lost on the way home because i got on the wrong tram

and then i went home and i still have more to cry


it was raining for most of the day


what difference does it make


even if the rain doesn’t drench me


my tears will do just fine.


kenape senang2 je aku get hurt eh?


kenape people tak think for me the way that i’d think for them


i want to be happy too


i want to know that i have my people,

the way that they have me


i thought we have each other too

but now i don’t know anymore.


mudah2an tuhan sabarkanlah aku

cekalkanlah aku

bagi la aku sikit keupayaan utk bertahan

di celah2 semua ni.


senangnyer jadi org yg lepaskan semua semahu hati

lepas tu tinggal la org lain yg tpakse take it and deal with it

and try to heal their own wounds.


aper la sgt yg aku boleh harapkan pada manusia

setakat menadah hati utk jadi bahan pelepas rasa

pas tu pndai2 sndiri la nk jilat luka





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