hypothesis testing

Published July 29, 2011 by crystalights


sometimes there are things that i do that is intended to give people the benefit of the doubt.

it’s like testing theories.

or hypothesis testing.

i don’t want to berprasangka buruk to people so i do things that will allow them to show that they’re not being what i might think they are.


kirenyer mcm

klau cikgu bagi quiz, dier nk bagi quiz 1, quiz 2, quiz 3 smpai la berderet2 quiz sbb dier nk bgi peluang utk student dier tnjukkan markah gempak.


tapi kan

aku rase stakat ni

wlaupn dh byk benda2 yg aku bentangkan utk hypothesis testing tu sume

tak jugak berjaye nmpaknyer.


it’s tiring.

and i don’t know if i should continue (giving people the benefit of the doubt).


bile aku susah2 buat cam tu it’s because i want pple to prove that they’re not like that.

but then, not only did people not exactly prove what i hoped they would, they even often end up hurting me.



maybe tak sume org berfikir mcm aku kot.

tapi aku rase

akhirnye bile hati2 kiter dh tak bersatu

mgkin lebih baik bile kiter semua berjauhan


supaye tak la mnambahkn friction.


kalau kiter together same2 pn ape la gunenyer klau asyik get hurt je.


i have lots of other things to deal with and think abt

aku tak larat nk invest my whole energy on this


my life isn’t all a bed of roses

so lg baik aku figure out camane nk heal my own wounds and live, kan.



3 comments on “hypothesis testing

  • ntah ar weyh..come to think of it, sometimes aku pon feel tired of the whole thing..

    tapi kalaw nak ckp on the terms of what is the right thing to do, kite sume aware yg kite kene sabar and bersangke baik mungkin Allah lebih tau isi hati die..

    tapi kite semue manusie kann, bukan semue org bole trime ape yg people buat..

    aku bersangke baik tapi aku rase still hurt dgn ape yg die buat..like walaupon org tuh tak mean it, tapi bende tuh still irritating..

    so aku rase the best way is ko fikir je ape yg lebih mendatangkan kebaikan..

    kalaw avoiding her lebih mendatangkan kebaikan, like die tak hurt and ko pon tak hurt, aku rase than that’s the move..

    tapi kalaw confronting her and telling her in the face ape yg ko tak puas ati tuh lebih mendatangkan kebaikan, then that’s just it..

    aku rase that is the answer to everything..

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