leaving. believing. feeling. like i should.

Published November 17, 2011 by crystalights

sometimes i think

i can hardly believe

that i’m going to leave this place.

sometimes i think i don’t understand why people feel what they feel

when they study abroad

because i don’t think i feel the same way

when i’m not where i’ve been but where i have to be


i remember crying on the plane

in the tram

by the streets

in my room

on the way to campus

on the walk from campus


crying and thinking

and crying and thinking

everytime something happens i couldn’t really make anyone understand why





and difficult it was


to understand


sometimes i think

i am surrounded

and have people that i meet

and people that somehow stick around

with me

but still


i couldn’t find

the kind of feeling i have when i feel like i’m where i belong




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