sure. at least i think i know what i don’t know.

Published November 17, 2011 by crystalights


that was a bit surprising.


because i know you’ve called them, that’s why i was asking you.

why would i call to ask about the same product if i know that someone i know has called before?


why would i ask you if i could ask any other people i know?


i don’t mean to have many questions

but sometimes i just do.


sometimes i can’t control the extent of my inquisitiveness

i can’t always help it if i like making sure of things

i like knowing in detail, in advance


if you don’t wish to see this kind of habit then i apologize for the inconvenience

but i never meant to add more to your list of things to do

never meant to be a burden


i just wanted to know.

if you can’t help me then just tell me you don’t know.


don’t tell me what you think i should do as if i don’t know what to do

of course i know


i just thought that there are other simpler ways of knowing,

like knowing from those who know


i guess i know now

that it’s better to not try to know so much from someone who i thought might know more than i do

because i just have to know from what i can know

not from people whom i thought has known more than what i know.




and by d way,

i was happy today before all of that happened

1 of my subject’s grade came out.

i got to buy the ingredients that i wanted.

and i met a friend whom i haven’t talked to for a while.


it was all okay,

until that kind of response came.


 and now i think i need some distractions.





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