pretty little thing

Published November 21, 2011 by crystalights

i had a great time with those kids ysterday

makes me feel like children are always bearable (at some point, after you get used to them)


do you know that kind of feeling

when you see them get hurt and they cry

and you carry them and put their head on your shoulder

you let them cry there on your arms and they did

they followed your lead

and so you say it will stop hurting soon

and then you lay them down and put them to sleep

i saw her pretty little left cheek turn red because of that little mishap

and i felt bad that i was there when it happened but i wasn’t fast enough to stop it


and so she let me fix her hair

shift her pillows

and pat her as she closes her pretty little eyes

and i find myself thinking

isn’t this a great blessing from god

that this child was brought into the world

and grew into this beautiful, strong-headed young girl 

and i get to see her eyes twitch as she falls asleep




it wasn’t easy when people are born into the world

anything could have happened from the moment you’re conceived to the moment you breathe


finally you are born

do you realize how big a gift it is to be able to see, feel and breathe like this?

and to be able to see other people see, feel, and breathe (just like you).


sometimes even when i breathe

i forget that i’m breathing


and when i’m sleeping

i might not realize that i’m not awake


we may not always remember the good things that we have been blessed with


so ysterday’s time with those children

was amazing and very heart-opening



for the opportunity

and this feeling


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