Published November 21, 2011 by crystalights

ok so as i write this post i am now lying down.

because i feel like most of my energy has been sucked out of me.

you see the strange patchy carpet floor?


like what my housemate said: “maybe the washing machine doesn’t like nadia(‘s clothes).

apparently, almost the entire 3quarter (or more) of my room’s carpet was soaking wet from the water tht came out of the washing machine.


imagine all the water spilling on the bathroom floor, through the floor gaps into my room, the kitchen, the corridor.

it was like FLOODING in broad daylight.

it wasn’t raining outside, but the house’ floor is like soaking wet inside.

we spent like the entire afternoon until early evening doing some sort of damage control or something,

i’m glad tht no one’s electrocuted from all that water and appliance.

i used the wet vacuum to suck the water out, but it’s not really 100% dry now so i had to use the small heater (the rectangular-shaped white thing near the chair at the bottom of the picture).


so now i’m still lying down because sriously, i feel like i’ve given most of my energy in 24 hours in those few hours of damage control.




but still,



at least it all ended on a lovely note.


i somehow managed to put away some clothing for my returning-home packing.


and i think the floor looks tidier and cleaner now.




off to eat. (need food. NOW).


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