hari penting

Published November 23, 2011 by crystalights


yesterday was the tuesday class (for sisters) at preston mosque.

i like the teacher. she is very commited, strong, warm, and gifted.

some of the people who came travelled for like an hour jst to listen to her speak through this class.

some walked quite a distance to get to class.

when i talk to her (because i usually have questions by the end of class), she listens, answers, and gives this sense of assurance of what i should do in this very heart-warming way, it’s like you feel like you are regarded with care and  not judged or put under scrutiny for whatever unconventional way you present yourself.

it’s a good class, with a good teacher. (and sometimes people cry because her words are heart-moving).



aftr class we usually leave, but ysterday we stayed for a while.

and then after zuhur it turns out that there was a funeral.

so they gathered for the jenazah prayers.

afterwards, i wanted to see/be near the jenazah.

so i walked and asked if anybody knew the person who passed away.

srious aku tk knal pun org ni, but i feel like i should be there in some way or another.

and then when they lift the rectangular jenazah casket,

i walked along with them

until they placed it inside the jenazah car.

and as people cry i went to this crying aunty (whom i don’t even know) and jst pat her side

she looked at me and cried again (i don’t think she speaks english)


so i figured that okay, why don’t i just let her be

and i went to another aunty (who wasn’t crying)

and i said to her a few things,

i told her: “innalillahi wa inna ilahi raji’un”

she spoke to us in another language, and then perhaps she realized we don’t undrstand her words and so she said:

“we are followers”



i think she means that: we too, will one day be a jenazah carried away in the casket.


mgkn sbb tu ada org prnah kata bhwa mati itu-lah tazkirah yg terbaik.

peringatan yg terbaik.

waktu jenazah diangkat dan dibawa pergi

ada satu rasa yg aku rasa

yg aku rasa bukan perasaan fizikal jasad ku

tpi sbnrnye rohani dan mungkin nurani

maybe at that time,

my soul can feel that the soul of that jenazah has left its body;

and that one day, my soul will leave my body too.


mati itu adalah mutlak.

hakikat kebenaran.

absolute. permanent. final, before the next part comes along.

Dan mereka akan dibawa ke hadapan Tuhanmu dengan berbaris. (Allah berfirman), “Sesungguhnya kamu datang kepada Kami, sebagaimana Kami menciptakan kamu pada pertama kali; bahkan kamu menganggap bahwa Kami tidak akan menetapkan bagi kamu waktu (berbangkit untuk memenuhi) perjanjian.”

Al-Kahf: 48


wlaupun skrg ada ketikanya dunia terasa penting,

ada lagi keadaan yg lebih penting yg berkepentingan lebih besar yg bakal dtg.


semoge amal baik pd hari ini turut terbayar pada hari penting tu nanti,



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