Published December 3, 2011 by crystalights


ysterday was like the official bginning of rsults released to studnts.


ysterday he called. and asked. of course he’d ask, it’s him. that’s jst him being him.


ysterday i told him to write my rsults down. so tht he’d calculate. estimate. evaluate. (no, not congratulate. jst appreciate. and no, not me. bt jst wht’s written).


yesterday he asked about qualifyng for graduation.


ysterday, was a whirlwind.


and tday,

tday i found myself thinking: pls let this be enough. let it be enough.


(i still hav 1 more rsults tht i’m waiting for. or ws i waiting on bhalf of him? dn’t exctly know).


lying is easier but that’s not wht we’re born to do,

evn whn i don’t have it all rite now i guess let’s jst let him hav wht he wants.


and isn’t it strange how he appears in our cnvrsations,

he always appears.

like it’s the most natural thing in the world for one of your own to appear evn when we don’t exactly want the same things.


but whtever.


it doesn’t really matter.


i want to have patience.


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