okay.so. THE INTERVIEW..

Published December 5, 2011 by crystalights

..wasn’t really an interview, according to them.

(although i did feel like it was like an interview. only in a different format).

cerite dier agak pjg dan klakar.

aku rase mcm mlas pulak nk cerite kt sini.

aku nak borak psl ni comfortably, maybe over tea and karipap or something, face to face with some people kot,

not write it down here for the virtual world to contain.


because inside me there is so much that i don’t know if i can contain

i need a refreshing feedback about life and the future,

from people that i’m familiar with,

not just an approval or a sugar-coater.


just, ape yg aku dpt drpd “interview” ni is that:

if i want to continue to the next level, i have to start thinking about a rsearch project.

they (took our resumes and) said that they will inform us if we are suitable for  any of their faculties’ vacancies and then they’ll come up with a fellowship contract for a studying scholarship which includes: upon completion of the studies, joining their workforce.

tibe2 aku rase bunyi dier mcm ala2 “fellowship of the ring” pulak.

i think it’s erm..srious business.

they say if you get the fellowship scholarship deal and you don’t finish your pHD then you’re not going anywhere, PLUS you have to pay back the scholarship fee.

which means it is serious business.


and so mcm2 jgk ditanya td,

and candidate yg lain pn ader yg agak promising jgk: I.T+business, A.I & network (mechatronic eng), microbiology, and so on.


i’m thinking about the things that are at stake,

i was almost certain wayy back then,

but i think i’m considering a few things because somethng happened to someone, a few months ago

which made me think. some more.


bottom line is that:

it’s not a simple decision. but today’s session gave me the idea of what are the things that are most likely to come (in the future)

if i want to do what i want, to do it in a better position, i might need to prepare myself (again?) for the next part.


so i guess i want to say:

“welcome to reality, baby”


(if someone is willing to pay for another 3-4 years of study which you have to personally derive and drive on your own and which you have to ensure that you’ll complete and not fail which determines your entire career for the next half a decade or so, will you take the chance and risk the time and youth in your hands and give your all for it?)


’cause if you would, you might have to start searching. like now.


(among them someone said the feedback’s in january).



where do i go from here?


should i? go?



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