spjg spring ni..

Published December 6, 2011 by crystalights

..kitorg telah pun ber “mukhayyam”

..ber “jaulah”

and i guess in a way,




hari ni kitorg pergi ke “hanging rock”.

ader org pesan sruh pkai warne biru.

rupenye sbb:

sebiru hari ini

“..walau kita kan terpisah”.


i feel happy and sad all in one day (and night).


kdg2, we try to do things so that we don’t cause trouble to other people but sometimes things just happened

i don’t blame anyone but myself

but of course

it doesn’t make it hurt any lesser



once in a while,

it’s nice to be understood.


i think

i’ve lost the things that i would have said in times like these.


because words can only do so much when the heart speaks its own tune.


i think,

it’s okay to feel like this now


at least i didn’t mean to cause more damage than repairs.


i didn’t mean to do a lot of things

but when they happen, i wish to bear it on my own.


it’s okay

i’ll take this.


at least,

for one little tear, there has been many more laughter.

for one little hurt, there has been many more joy.


it wasn’t a painless journey

it wasn’t easy

but i think

it is the kind of pain that i have to live with


going and leaving

attachments and detachments


i never really knew my own place, did i?


as i looked at the sky

i saw the clouds separate so rapidly

almost seemed like a season’s movement in a few stolen glances.

like it was meant to disintegrate as natural as it integrates

it changes its form

and then, whatever it becomes seems like what it always should have been.


this way,

no one can say that it’s not meant to be.

not a soul can truly say how it should have been.

the clouds move with the winds

no matter how long it will eventually move away


no matter how much everything is worth

no matter how huge your efforts are


you just can’t shape things the way you wield clay into pottery


you can’t “takluk kan hati” sesiapa pun



pemilik hati kita yg sbenar adalah Allah.


Allahu rabbi.


sesungguhnya, hanya Allah yg tahu ape yg aku rase s’hingga ke saat ini.





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