dear friend.

Published December 10, 2011 by crystalights

dear friend,


you’re married now.

and i believe that that is a blessing.

because you can love and be loved in the best way that is laid out by The One Who Loves The Most.

things may not always be

“rainbows and butterflies”

all the time until the end of time,

but at least this is something that you know is pure, dignified, and honourable. 


it’s not just a summer fling or an autumn escapade,

not just a short series of young love reaching out for a moment’s beauty.

not just a declaration of love without  destination.


it’s a marriage.

you’re married.

you have true rights to each other now.

your emotional capacity can now be sustained by clearly definite positions and legal rights.


dan yg paling penting skali: yang ini halal bagimu.


i hope you can find happiness now (and in the hereafter).

i hope that you can form another branch of the ummah with great character and thought.

i hope that you know that this is a blessing for you to be protected and taken care of.


you’re married.


at least you don’t have to wonder if you should go out with a fake wedding ring on your finger just to be safe.




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