the good side of you

Published December 11, 2011 by crystalights

you’re a mother, and you are one among those that are well-known in the blogging scene.


i think

it’s good that you love your children.

and you show them your affection.


you’re a great cook, masyaAllah.

yes, it is Allah who has given you the talent and capacity to cook. to do business. to work hard and provide for your children.

and you’re good at doing what you do.

and you seem like you like doing what you do.

and you seem like you are able do what you do without much resistance from the ones you love.

and you look good. and youthful.


so you are so, so blessed to have the opportunity to be what you are.

and to be a beloved mother.

a mother that is at times missed by her children.


alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah.

because Allah gives to whomever Allah wants, regardless of what and where they are.


and i believe that with each gift, there will come things to be accountable for.


despite that, you now have a good life, and i guess good opportunities doesn’t always come by so easily and frequently.




even when there are things that i might not agree,


i think you’re a good person.

you can let yourself become even better.


you have the potential.

and the opportunity.


you can do it.




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