Published December 12, 2011 by crystalights


because mom and mak long is coming over soon,

i changed rooms with my housemate.

so now we have room for 3 people.


i don’t know why but i feel like something’s amiss.



i’m craving for this

like. really.

i remember eating that once during the fasting month, i think.

and although someone was responding as if it’s really a pity that i’m eating instant noodles for breaking my fast, i really don’t think she gets it.

it’s not torture,

it’s like a (guilty) treat.

it’s yummy, and quick, and might be a bit unhealthy, but it’s good (in a delicious way).


so i think,

even when i might think someone is suffering,

it could be that they’re really happy and doing fine.


and i think,

even when i might think that someone is really happy and doing fine,

it could be that they are secretly suffering.


i can’t know everything,

but perhaps the least that can be done is at least,



in a voluntary sort of way but not completely smothering/suffocating.


(now i think i’m trying to get over my “grieving” so erm. whatever~)


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