and the boy cries

Published December 23, 2011 by crystalights


ysterday we went to that place.

i call it a place instead of a home because i think a home is where you belong and it is where your heart is.

in a home, people are not trapped in an endless circle of despair and forlornness from the things that they were forced to face.

so no,

i don’t think it’s a home.


so in that place are these young children who were put together under one roof because their own roofs weren’t providing the kind of shelter that they needed

ironically it seems that

even ths one large roof were hardly a shelter for their heart.


no matter what he is still a child

does the idea of disciplining a child require coarse threatening words and humiliation for a small so-called “mischief”?

is asking to be carried considered as a “mischief”?

he is a child who asks.

and you, are the adult. who supposedly came to educate.


anak2 yg ditinggalkan mcm ni

they don’t deserve to be treated like potential criminals

it isn’t their crime that they are left behind


so in the end the boy cries

maybe he cries because it’s the only thing he can do in the hope of stopping it

it’s like his own way of saying: please just stop.


when you teach, it’s not just your teaching that is taught,

the way you carry your character also teaches things, in its own language.

sbb tu ibunda Imam Malik hntr anaknya prgi blajar,

bukan semata utk blajar dari kitab2, tapi jgk utk blajar adab.


what do you think will happen to these children

if growing up in this kind of environment is all they’ve ever known?


mcmane kita nk pelihara anak2 Islam utk membangunkn Islam

klau nilai yg b’tentangan dgn Islam yg kite gunekn t’hdp dia s’pnjng zaman kanak2nya s’hingga dia m’bsar?


what do you wish to achieve frm this.


i don’t know.


i jst felt like the children are merely victims of circumstances who shouldn’t have to pay for the things that they already have to bear.


(first 3 days in my homeland and now ths. it’s like reality is calling me. to wake up).


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