Published January 4, 2012 by crystalights


hari ni dh mendaftar utk bljr L, alhamdulillah.


hari ni hari pertame adik2 mule bersekolah utk sesi 2012.

alhamdulillah stakat ni, nmpk mcm ok je. kirenyer still under control lg la kot.

nothing too tragic or dramatic.

well, except for the colour of someone’s backpack which was bcoming a bit of a talking matter but

as long as no one gets hurt

then i’ll jst assume tht ths too will pass.


i feel like there’s smthng tht i’m uneasy abt but i think i’ll wait n see first how it goes.



let’s go to school!

(driving school)



what i’ve been thinking and wanted to say is that

i think, not everything can be the way you want it to be.

because everybody is different. in their own way.

and sometimes, even when you mean well, i don’t think you can vindicate someone for the person that they are.

but i’m not saying that it’s okay to be a prick, or a danger to your own mental/emotional/soul/physical well-being as well as to others,

it’s just that some people just express themselves differently, and/or carry themselves differently.

some people just don’t know how to say what they feel, or don’t know how to show what they feel, or feel it’s difficult to show what they feel and to even acknowledge the fact that they actually feel. something. inside.

to some people, feelings and emotions are private.

some people just value their innate emotional-psychological elements to the point that they don’t wanna feel like they have to show that part too, on top of the other parts that people already expect them to show.

it’s like when something is private and valuable, sometimes some people might feel like it’s enough that only they themselves (and god) know(s), even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

because it’s easier for them to make it hidden than to make it visible but subsequently redundant and under-appreciated; i mean let’s face it: because everyone at some point feels something, how much would it matter if another soul chooses to spill or seal, and you can never be certain that anyone out there would really be able to comprehend and appreciate what you feel in your inner heart anyway.


not everyone speak of what they feel. but at least i think it’s better than when people don’t feel what they speak.

at least when there’s lesser empty words, there’s some sort of deeper thought and consciousness.


aku rase, yg perlu dirisaukan bukan whether or not someone shows what they feel, yg perlu dirisaukan is whether or not someone feel and mean what they show.


sometimes, words are not everything.

klau kiter nak the whole world to be so expressive and every form of love to be spoken of, then adil ke kita pd org2 yg tak punya suara utk berbicara

atau org2 yg tak tahu the way to show love and care because their entire life they have never felt loved and cared for

adil ke utk kasih syg diletakkan hanya dlm ruang lingkup kata2 semata, hanya dihadkan kepada ucapan dan perkataan


bagi aku,

people who have a bigger capacity for love

are people who can love even when love is not spelled into words

even when love is not inscribed in letters

and especially when they have never truly known what love is but they wish to love for the sake of The One Who Loves The Most, The One True Creator.

bila seseorg itu menyayangi kerana-Nya walau diri tak pernah merasakan kasih syg dari insan2


because love isn’t material.

it’s not a subject you study and take an exam for.


but it is tangible, at least to some point if you’re not blind to it you can sense that it is there.


sometimes, it’s the little things that count.



just because org tu tk tnjukkan aper dier rase

tak bermaksud dier tak rase aper2.


klau kita sgt2 terase skalipn,

boleh tak klau kiter cube skit utk rase ape org2 ni rase?


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