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Published January 13, 2012 by crystalights


i went to the program in banting last weekend.

kisahnyer pjg.

i kinda got a little lost on my way there,

and i guess i kinda freaked out a little.


sbb klau sesat kt melbourne i think i can still trace the transportation network back to where i want to be.

tapi ni kt area2 klang/hulu selangor kot. aku m’mang tak brape tahu sgt transportation network kt situ.

pulak tu aku gerak sendiri, so sorg2 kt situ.

i mean, look at me. dh brape lame aku tak balik pun.


so takpe2.

nk pergi punyer psl, at last setelah 3 bas dan 1 kereta pick up aku, last2 aku smpai jugak.

and the program was great.

it was a nice wake-up call tapi at the same time it’s fun.

game dier cam seronok/klakar.

pas 2 mase hri pnutup kluar rakaman kitorg main belon air pas 2 muke aku cam cuak2 campak belon air ke org blakang skali jatuh bergolek belon tu pas 2 org blakang 2 kne pas ke dpn balik and start over. and then i heard the pple laughing;

hihi, betape pathetic nye aku, cmpak belon pun tk brape nk lepas.



group kitorg mnang 1st price utk prsembahan.

skrip sketsa kitorg ader lg dlm beg aku.

most of the idea ws frm my friend, kitorg discuss2 then came up with a few scenes.


cerite psl a group of turtles who finally went home.


mule2 kitorg ingatkn grp lain yg mnang, sbb cerite dorg best.

ape taknyer, mcm tgok drama kt tv, ader storyline/plot yg interesting, pas 2 pelakon2 yg betol2 berkesan ala2 natural talent gitu.

so that was a pleasant surprise, hihi.


pas balik dari banting i went to bangi and some places to visit some people.

dpt la jumpe a few friends, kwn sejak skolah, kwn yg b’lainan skolah, and also kwn2 uni yg jd hsemate dgn aku since kitorg mude remaje lg.

ader org lg yg aku nk jumpe, tpi timing tak brape kene sgt sbb i feel like i need to be somewhere else so mcm tk sempat.
insyaAllah, klau boleh aku nk jumpe jgk nnti.


aku rase, in the end aku realize yg as time passes, the way your life change might mean that sometimes the lives that people lead are different.


but it doesn’t mean that you’re isolated from each other.


it jst means that maybe there are new things that you don’t really know much about happening to you or the people around you.


wlaupun aku rse aku tk dpt nk comprehend semue benda sbb aku tak tahu a lot, tapi aku rse aku realize yg sume org ader cabaran masing2 yg each person has to face.


takde pun yg terus happy forever tanpa aper2 struggle atau cabaran langsung.


sume org teruskan hidup dgn cara yg tersendiri, mcmane they cope with whatever that they have to deal with.


so of course no, i don’t think we can say whose life is the nicest or easiest,

sbb hakikatnyer hidup m’mang dtg dgn dugaan2 yg tersendiri.


hidup m’mang menuntut usaha.


so i guess it’s okay that people have things to strive for.


i was (a lot more) selfish back then, and my strong-headedness might’ve pushed people to some sort of edge,

but now i think i understand

that the acceptance of changes in life could mean that you’re finding peace with it.

i don’t want to be a bitter person for the rest of my life

or regret whatever i didn’t have in the past all the way into the future


takpela, we just take what we have and we work for what we look forward to.


alhamdulillah utk satu hari lg menerima kurniaan-Nya.


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