try again.

Published January 26, 2012 by crystalights

i think i didn’t get that job that dad was talking about


sbb hri ni dh ader cndidate yg dh msuk kje

(tp utk aku msih belum ada phonecall).


tkpe la

jgn kecewa

skrg kiter berusaha lg kt tmpt lain pulak.


hidup m’mng mnuntut usaha

and maybe, they just want someone with certified computer skills and also experience.

they want pple with expertise and experience (?)

wlwpn aku tahu gune komputer, tp they want someone yg formally educated in computer-related discipline or have substantial experience in computer applications.


mcmane aku nk ader pengalaman klau aku tk ade pekerjaan

tp mcmane aku nk  ada pekerjaan klau aku tkde pengalaman?


isn’t it like a vicious cycle

when you have to have experience to get a job

but you have to get a job to have experience? 


and i have to keep on trying.


i want to do this.

i have to do this.


i want to be the one doing the rescuing.

i don’t want to be rescued.


“i can slay my own dragon

i can dream my own dream

my knight in shining armour

is me

so i’m gonna set me free”


i’m not searching for a fairytale

i have my own tale to carry


mungkin sbb tu aku tk bgitu mudah nak terime

bile org buat atau kata pd aku aper2 yg aku rse diri dier sndiri tidak mngetahuinya

oo sgt mudah utk aku turn it into another mess to sweep off

another dusty window

another dirt on the side of the tracks


but anyway.

i can’t always expect to get away with being like this, can i?


it’s just that

i want to have faith.


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